Providing affordable housing and services throughout Lochaber

Lochaber Housing Association is a Scottish Charity (SCO 30951), registered as a Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefits Act 2014 and registered with the Scottish Housing Regulator (HAL151). Responsibility for running the Association lies with a Board of Management, which is elected from a broad membership of local people drawn from throughout Lochaber.

The Association was set up in 1988 as a response to the chronic housing need in Lochaber’s rural communities. This housing pressure was largely due to the impact of the Right to Buy on Council housing and the difficulty of accessing owner occupation because of high property prices fuelled by land cost and second and holiday homes. These problems are just as evident today as they were in 1988, notwithstanding the good work of the Association, The Highland Council and other agencies in the intervening period.

Our mission is to provide good quality, truly affordable housing opportunities and services for local people in their preferred communities, thereby identifying and meeting local needs and helping to maintain and develop thriving communities throughout Lochaber. The Association achieves this by accessing public funding, mainly through the Scottish Government, as well as private sector lending facilities to develop and manage housing, mainly for rent but also through low cost home ownership accommodation.

The Association’s mission is underpinned by the following strategic objectives:

  • We will provide increasing numbers of high quality affordable housing solutions throughout Lochaber.
  • We will develop and manage a high quality range of services that meet the needs and preferences of service users.
  • We will ensure that we manage and govern our affairs efficiently and prudently and in doing so will operate accountably and openly in all that we do.
  • We will ensure that our financial management and planning will deliver medium and long term financial viability.
  • We will support, train and develop our staff team in the furtherance of our objectives.
  • We will support and guide our subsidiary companies as social enterprises to grow and diversify their services in order to deliver social impact.

Our Core Values

These core values inform and direct our strategic objectives. They are the basis on which we work with our residents and the community, with partner organisations, and with each other as Board members and colleagues.

3b. Core Values