Changing, Moving Out or Ending your Tenancy

You should always notify us of any changes to your household, for example if you wish to add a joint tenant or want to assign your tenancy to someone else. You can easily do this by completing the online Tenancy Changes Form or logging into your My Home account.

If you have given notice to end your tenancy, a Technical Officer and Housing Officer will inspect the property before you leave and inform you of any repairs you must complete before your tenancy for the property ends. Our Information Sheet Moving Out and Ending your Tenancy gives guidance on how much notice you should give and what is expected of you.

If you are giving up your tenancy and moving away, but you would like someone else in your household to stay on in the house then you can apply to assign your tenancy to them. You must always ask our permission to do this. The assigned person must be at least 16 years old and must have been living there with you for a minimum of 12 months. There are other conditions that must also be met. For more information about our policy for transferring tenancies, contact your Housing Officer.

We would also consider a request to sublet your home for a short period, if you had to move away for a while. Please contact your Housing Officer to find out more about this.