Electrical Safety

Electricity can kill. Electricity is now the number one cause of accidental fires in UK homes. It is important that any electrical installation work is carried out only by people who are competent. If you carry out any electrical work in your property such as changing light switches or sockets, you MUST gain our permission first. All work must be carried out by a qualified electrician and we must be provided with an electrical certificate. For more information contact our Maintenance Team.

We carry out an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) every 5 years on the fixed electrics in your home. Fixed electrics include the wiring, sockets, light fittings and consumer unit (or fuse box) and will also include permanently connected equipment such as extractor fans, showers and storage heaters.

In block of flats with a communal area, we carry out an EICR of the communal electrics which will include any landlord supply consumer unit, lighting, emergency lighting, cleaner sockets and hard wired smoke detection. It is very important that you let us into your home to carry out the 5 yearly safety check and is a condition of your tenancy. Failure to allow us entry to complete the test will result in you breaching your tenancy agreement.


Regularly check your electrics and contact us if you see signs of damage such as:

  • Damaged, loose or scorched sockets or light switches
  • Damaged or scorched light fittings
  • Damaged of frayed electrical cables
  • A circuit on your consumer unit that repeatedly trips (although please note that if we investigate and find this is being caused by one of your appliances, you will be recharged for the repair)
  • Keep cables and wires properly stored and away from children and animals
  • Unplug appliances and devices before repairing or cleaning them
  • Allow air to circulate around appliances such as fridges and microwaves
  • If you use portable heaters, keep them away from curtains or other flammable items.


  • Overload sockets - and only use adaptors that are fitted with a fuse and a kitemark from the Intertek BEAB
  • Alter the electrical system in your property without obtaining permission from us first.
  • When you carry out electrical works you should use a qualified electrician and obtain the appropriate electrical certification at the end of the work. A copy if this certification must be given to the Association
  • Purchase second hand electrical items without checking the Electrical Safety First website. The website lists all product recalls and safety notices so you can check for safety issues before buying. The website includes lots of electrical safety tips for every room of the home. (Please be aware that the cost of fixing electrical faults which are traced back to tenant-owned appliances or fittings will be recharged to the tenant.)