Is my home insured?

The structure of your home is covered by a Building Insurance Policy, which is paid for by the Association. However, we do not provide contents insurance to cover your possessions, it is your responsibility, and we strongly advise you to invest in it.

The Housing Association is not responsible for insuring the contents of your property.

This means that if there is a fire, flood or theft whatever the circumstances, the Association will not be liable to replace your belongings.

Even if it is something in your property that has failed, for example burst pipes or a leaking cylinder, you will have to meet the cost of replacing what’s damaged. This could mean that you have to meet the cost of replacing your carpets, furniture, clothes, TV, stereo, children’s toys – anything that has been ruined.

We strongly advise you to take out contents insurance so that if the worst happens the insurers would cover the costs for you. Insuring the contents of your home costs less than you may think.

We understand that in these tough economic times you might be looking to save as much as you can from your weekly outgoings, but imagine if your house was flooded and you were left with nothing. How would you begin to replace everything?

How do I Arrange Contents Insurance?

Speak to your Housing Officer who can help you complete an application pack.