Planned Maintenance

The Association has a planned maintenance programme for replacing kitchens, bathrooms and heating systems in our stock every year. However, sometimes we have to amend our plans slightly to take account of circumstances, so these plans can be subject to change.

If there are rent arrears or recharges outstanding the Association will not consider any major improvements unless the rent account is cleared, or an agreed repayment plan has been satisfactorily maintained for a period of at least 3 months.

Please note that the Association will not take responsibility for any floor coverings and where laminate/floor tiles/carpet is laid, this will require to be moved prior to works commencing. The Association will not be responsible for any damage caused to floor coverings.

Cyclical Maintenance

Cyclical maintenance is the maintenance that we have to carry out to your property at regular intervals to keep it safe and in good condition.

Servicing of heating systems and pressurised hot water cylinders are carried out annually. Outside work, i.e. external painting, repairs to woodwork and gutters etc, is normally carried out every 5 years.

There are regulatory tests that the Association is required to carry out, such as annual gas servicing, and periodic electrical tests, which are carried out every 5 years. As these are regulatory, access is required to carry out these services. You will be contacted to arrange an appointment and if these appointments are not kept, we have a policy and procedure in place where we can give 24 hours’ notice and force entry. Obviously, this is a last resort, and we would respectfully request that appointments are kept. Section 5.12 of your Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement states:

“5.12 We have the right to come into your house to inspect it and its fixtures and fittings to carry out repairs to it, or adjoining property, during reasonable times of the day. We will give you at least twenty four hours notice in writing. We have the right of access to your house in order to lay wires, cables and pipes for the purposes of telecommunications, water, gas, electricity, providing we give you reasonable notice in writing. We have the right of access to the common parts at any reasonable time. If you refuse us entry, we will have the right to make forcible entry provided we have given you every reasonable opportunity to let us in voluntarily. If we have to make forcible entry, in this situation, you are liable for the costs of any damage reasonably caused. In an emergency, we have the right to make forcible entry to your house without notice.”