Scottish Housing Regulator

As a registered social landlord (RSL) Lochaber Housing Association is regulated by the Scottish Housing Regulator whose objective is to safeguard and promote the interests of tenants and others who use local authority and RSL housing services. The Regulator operates independently of Scottish Ministers and is accountable directly to the Scottish Parliament.

The Scottish Housing Regulator is responsible for monitoring and regulating landlords’ performance in relation to meeting the Scottish Social Housing Charter’s standards and outcomes. As part of this, each year landlords must provide information on their performance against the Charter’s standards and outcomes to the Regulator. This is commonly referred to as the ARC. The regulator publishes a Landlord Report annually.

In addition to submitting information to the Regulator on our performance against the Charter we also report a variety of other information. A full set of audited accounts are reported for each financial year and all our stock information is submitted.

The Scottish Housing Regulator has produced a Guide for Tenants and Service Users which helps explain:

  • who they are and what they do
  • what you can expect from your landlord
  • how you can find out about your landlord’s performance; and
  • how to raise a concern about your landlord.

Please also see our page Raising Concerns about your Landlord.

Annual Assurance Statements

From October 2019 all Social Landlords Board of Managements had to submit an Annual Assurance Statement to the regulator. This provides assurance that organisations comply with the relevant requirements of chapter 3 of the Regulatory Framework.