Senior Management Team

Operational responsibility for the day to day activities of the LHA Group lies with the Chief Executive and Senior Management Team.

Margaret Moynihan
Chief Executive

Margaret joined the Association in 2001 and held the roles of Finance Manager and Head of Corporate Services before taking up the role of Chief Executive in 2022. Margaret leads the Association to provide good quality, truly affordable housing opportunities and services for local people.

Margaret Moynihan, Chief Executive

Maureen Cameron
Care & Repair Manager

Maureen joined Lochaber Care & Repair in 2009. Her role manages one of our subsidiary companies, Lochaber Care & Repair, providing support and advice services to help people live more independently in their own homes.

Maureen Cameron, LCR Manager

Jenny MacKay
Director Of Customer Services

Jenny joined the Association in 2004. Her role includes the management of Human Resources and governance arrangements across the LHA Group.

Jenny MacKay, Director of Customer Services

Gary Hay
Director of Finance

Gary recently joined the Association in 2024. His role is to manage the financial functions of the Association.

Gary Hay

Sean Doherty
Director of Asset Management

Sean joined the Association in 2001. His role includes overseeing the cyclical and planned maintenance functions of the Association.

Sean Doherty

Iain MacLeod
Lochaber Property Services

Iain joined LHAPS in 2021. His role is to manage LHAPS, our building maintenance services subsidiary,  providing maintenance services for LHA managed properties.

Iain Macleod