Repair Responsibilities

You must take reasonable care of your home, and it is your responsibility to report any repairs or faults to us straightaway. You are responsible for any repairs that are a result of damage that you, your family, your pets or your visitors cause.

You are also responsible for any alterations you make or agree to take on as part of a mutual exchange. As your landlord, LHA are responsible for some repairs and maintenance to your home. As the tenant, you also have some responsibilities for maintaining your home.

LHA You Comments
Bath x
Tiling x Unless you fitted them
Shower unit x Unless LHA fitted the unit or unit accepted from previous tenant on change of tenancy
Shower curtain x
Toilet seat, lid, hinge set x
Toilet pan x
Wash basin x
Taps x Unless you have fitted them
Tap washers x
Plugs and chains x Unless you have just moved in
Ceiling light x

Central Heating
LHA You Comments
Chimney and flue x
Chimney sweeping x
Fire grate/nest x
Electric heating system x Air source heat pump filters cleaned by you
Fireplace tiles x
Oil fired boiler x Unless it requires repair due to lack of oil
Radiators x
Solid fuel system x
Any system fitted by you x
LHA You Comments
Internal doors x Unless damaged by you
Alteration to internal doors for fitting of carpet/flooring x
Skirting x Unless fitted by you
Handles, latches etc on internal doors x
Keys x
All locks x Except those fitted by you
Outside doors x Including doors to communal areas
LHA You Comments
Cooker switch x
Kitchen units x Unless you fitted them
Worktops x Unless you fitted them
Sink bowl and drainer x Unless you fitted them
Flourescent lights x Bulbs and starters
Laminate flooring fitted by LHA x
LHA You Comments
Blocked sink, wash basin, bath or toilet x If a blockage is caused by your neglect, you will be recharged for the cost of clearing it
Domestic cold water supply x
Downpies (rain and soil) x
Drains x You must keep them clear. If a blockage is caused by your neglect you will be recharged for the cost of clearing it, eg. if you have flushed wipes or nappies down the toilet
Gutters x
Hot-water supply x
Sink plugs and chains x
Washing maching fittings x
LHA You Comments
Ceilings x
Damp-proof course x
Floors x Except coverings such as carpets, laminates, vinyl etc
Outside woodwork x
Stairs (inside) x
Steps to entrances x
Roof x
Walls x

LHA You Comments
Glass in windows x Unless double glazed unit is blown
Frames and fittings x
Window locks x Unless you have fitted them
LHA You Comments
Posts for clothes lines x
Clothes lines x
Rotary drier x
All types of lights x Light bulbs
Posts and wires marking boundary x
Fences between gardens x Unless you fitted them
Footpaths x
Gates x Unless you fitted them
Inside decoration x
Outside decoration x
External stores/shed x Unless we installed them
TV or radio aerial x
Communal TV aerial/Satellite dish x Repair carried out and recharged
Telephone point x
Smoke alarms x
Adaptation equipment x Where supplied by you