Your Rent

Rent is the money you pay to us each month for the tenancy of your home. It funds all the services we provide to you, from your local housing officer to the repairs and maintenance of your home. That is why paying your rent on the date it is due is one of the most important parts of your Tenancy Agreement. Keeping up a good payment record is also important for you because:

  • A good rent payment record is an excellent reference for financial transactions or obtaining credit;
  • A poor rent payment record can affect your ability to obtain a house from another landlord or your ability to get a mortgage.

Rent Review

We will review your rent once every 12 months. We will provide you with a full, written statement of any changes to your rent payments. This statement will be provided not less than one month before the new charges take effect.

Rent Consultation

Any new rent charges are approved by our Board of Management, following consultation with tenants. Our Rent Consultation usually takes place towards the end of the year with tenants asked to give their views through surveys and meetings. Your views will influence the final figure for next year’s rent, so it is important that you get involved in the consultation.

Rent Consultation 2023-24