Tenancy Support

We will assist you to have access to well trained, knowledgeable, and professional housing staff to provide you with housing information and advice. However, we cannot provide in-depth casework assistance, advocacy or representation at mediation, tribunal or court action level. If you require this level of assistance, we will recognise this and will assist you with referral to a suitable agency. We will always act in your interests, however, where this is not possible (for example in the case of rent arrears or eviction), we will advise and signpost you to alternative sources of help. Prospective tenants can be assisted to make an application for housing and explore their housing options and choices within the Lochaber area.

We can offer advice on rent arrears, Universal Credit / Housing Benefit, anti-social behaviour, security of tenure, statutory tenancy rights, housing options and homeless prevention. If you feel you will have difficulty paying your rent or with other tenancy matters, speak to your Housing Officer or get independent advice. You can print our handy Tenant Monthly Budget Planner to help you with your finances too.

We can also make referrals for housing support, fuel poverty advice and income maximisation. If you are struggling to pay your fuel bills, Lochaber Affordable Warmth Service may be able assist you.

You can contact your Housing Officer on 01397 702530 or by emailing: [email protected]